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Only Audit Reports tabled in Parliament are available for public viewing in this Download Section. Request for other Final Audit Reports that were not tabled in Parliament (not uploaded here) will have to go through management for proper proceedures for release. Please use our Contact Form for such request.

Audit Reports uploaded in this download section are limited to only 6 years back. Special Audit Reports are limited to only 10 reports upload. However, all Publication documents before 6 years back are still being kept by the office (archived) should you need them, we'll provide/send to you via email attachment or other convenient options.

How to download?

Audit Reports are categorized in folders by the year they are published and tabled in the House of Parliament. Follow the Year, Report Name until you reach the download button. If you are not sure which year the Report your are looking for was published and tabled, please use the Search box below to find a specific Report by Name.

Below you will find the Audit Reports available for download to the Public.

Category: Government Annual Accounts
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zip0Annual Account for the year ended 2015HOT
zip1Annual Account for the year ended 2016HOT
zip2Annual Account for the year ended 2017HOT
zip3Annual Account for the year ended 2018HOT
zip4Annual Account For the year ended 2019HOT
pdf5Annual Account for the year ended 2020 - Part I Government AccountHOT
pdf6Annual Account for the year ended 2020 - Part II Recurrent Revenues and ExpendituresHOT



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