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Check below for Post types and their Job descriptions. Please refer to the office structure to view which posts or how many staff were assigned to each post and if there are vacancies available for which post.

Below are the Post Titles and summary of the Job Description's primary objectives only. For full details on the job description, visit our Resouces download page.


Auditor General Head of the office who oversee the overal Audit Office matters and who is charged with improving government accountability and transparency by auditing and reporting on the government's operations.
Principal Auditor Ensure full commitment to the audit work schedule. Prepare annual budget that is aligned with the audits and other related tasks to be executed throughout the year.
IT Principal Auditor To ensure that the auditee's existing system (especially in IT) is functioning as expected to minimize business risk, including the data integrity, confidentiality and availability.
Senior Auditor Assist Principal Auditor in leading and supervising, draw up annual audit plan, execute complex auditing, manage division's audit teams, collate and review findings, implications and recommendations for review by PA. Draft management letter, propose appropriate training for staff capacity development, preparing identified cases for instigating prosecution through courts and any other tasks required by PA.
Auditor Supervise, coordinate and monitor audits conducted and assist the Senior Auditor in drafting management letters and audit reports.

Assistant Auditor

Lead and supervise subordinate audit staff in conducting audits, execute compiles auditing and draft audit reports for review by the immediate Senior Auditor.
Assistant IT Auditor Install/Configure or build and maintain IT Hardware, software, database, website and network infrustructure. Also, assist in IT Auditing.
Account Examiner

Conduct field audit, write notes on findings, highlight implications and include sound recommendations for improvement. Draft management letter for review by team leader.


Support Staff:

Executive Assistant Provide official support and assistance to Auditor General.
Office Manager To provide more complex administrative support to supervisors and senior staff in the Audit Office and to oversee other official support matters.
Registry Clerk Ensure that administrative support is provided at all times and all activiities within the Registry Office is carried out accordingly.
Driver To drive KAO's vehicle and to maintain it in a good working condition to ensure efficient and safe transportation service and a smooth running of the office's service delivery.
Cleaner Provide an efficient and effective cleaning service. Maintain a clean and healthy working enviromnment.


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