Projects Auditing & NGOs


What We Do?

·         Auditing of the Government Project Financial Statements.

How We Do it?

·         Reviewing of the Financing Agreement (FA) between the Government and the respected Donors.

·         We, also highlight and keep tracks of the Recipient and/or Implementing Agency obligations that clearly detailed in the FA.

·         Ensuring that the Financial Statement are prepared in accordance with consistently applied accounting standards acceptable to the Association (Donors), both in a manner adequate to reflect the operations, resources and expenditures related to the Project.

·         To ensure that the Project shall be implemented in accordance with the respected Donor’s guidelines, procedures, timetables and other specifications.

·         Check that the withdrawal of the Grant follow the procedures as specified in the FA.

·         Check that Project expenditures are actually spent according to the approved budget estimates.

·         To express our opinion particularly on the Financial Affairs of the Projects.

Why We Do it?         

·         To ensure that project moneys are being spent efficiently and effectively, in accordance with the agreed FA, other governing rules and regulation.

·         To assist in the accountability and transparency process by holding implementing agencies accountable for their work.

·         It’s our mandatory to carry out the audit of the Government Project as stipulated under Section 22 of the Kiribati Audit Act 2017.

Client List

·         PRCP – Pacific Regional Connectivity Program

·         KOIFAWP – Kiribati Outer Island Food and Water Project

·         GCF – Green Climate Fund Project

·         KILGA – Kiribati Island Local Government Association

·         PPASTWSP – Programmatic Preparation Advance for the South Tarawa Water Supply Project.


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