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What We Do?

Normally on an annual basis, the Kiribati Government through the Accountant General submits its Annual Account 6 months after the end of the Financial Year. The Central Government division (Government Ministry and Treasury Division) of the Kiribati Audit Office is responsible to audit the Kiribati Government Annual Account only after it received the Government Annual Account. Our objectives to audit are prescribed under section 23 of the Audit Act 2017 and section 30(3) of the Public Finance (Control and Audit) Act.

How We Do it?

  • Financial Auditing - we conduct financial auditing in accordance to the ISSAI 1000 - 1805
  • Compliance Auditing - we conduct compliance auditing in accordance to ISSAI 4200

Why We Do it?

It is our responsibility to audit Kiribati Government Account in accordance to section 114 of the Constitution.

Client List

1. MFED Treasury & Government Line Ministries

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