EriatiTaumaManaimaKiribati2KAO is an independent state Organization headed by the Auditor General who is responsible to carry out audits for Government Ministries, Annual Accounts (Treasury), Government Companies (SOEs),  Local Government (Island Councils), Development Projects, Special Audits and ICT Audits.

The office of the Auditor General is established under Section 114 (1) of the Constitution.  Its authority and responsibilities are as stipulated under Section 114 (2) of the Constitution which allows the Auditor General to audit the public accounts of Kiribati and all departments, offices, courts and authorities of the Government, including statutory corporations and government owned companies, Section 37 of Finance (Control and Audit) Act (CAP 79), also refers. 

Section 114 (4) of the Constitution, also grants the Auditor General complete independence in discharging his statutory functions without interference or restriction from the Executive System. Any attempt to violate the Auditor General’s independency will become the subject of a report to the Maneaba ni Maungatabu (Parliament) in accordance with Section 41 of the CAP 79.



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